FLAVIYAKE – Anime Girl

FLAVIYAKE returns with some anime-inspired pop goodness… The electropop wonder that is FLAVIYAKE took us by surprise when she emerged on the scene several years ago. The Moldovian musical prodigy (she was writing songs at age 10 – and was … Read More

CHARISMA.COM – Ai Ai Syndrome

With an aggressive lyrical style, CHARISMA.COM challenge your J-pop expectations on this new vinyl release… Although they had been friends at school, it wasn’t until Itsuka and Gonchi left that the pair entertained the idea of doing music together. The … Read More


Making her singing debut, HIMEZAWA steps forth with new single release ‘Wagamama Love’… Originally hailing from Germany, HIMEZAWA spent a brief time in the UK before moving to Japan where she became a model for Asobisystem. Her cosplaying career kicked … Read More


The activities of alternative idol outfit Brand-new Idol Society managed to spark the interest of Jojo Hiroshige back in 2012. Hiroshige fronted classic noise band Hijokaidan, whose own antics seemed to suggest similar themes in line with BiS. Hiroshige had … Read More

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