Introducing AKI AKANE

Screaming Cinderella in action If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Japan Expo in Paris this month, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet popular illustrator and singer Aki Akane who will be both appearing and performing at the … Read More


The musical talents of Raychell… RAYCHELL’s debut album release via Avex, L>R serves up a collection of tunes that demonstrate the ability of the soulful songstress to embrace a broad variety of styles. From wistful piano-led ballads to edgy electropop … Read More

YUN*CHI – Yun*Chi

Smooth J-Pop stylings The arrival of Yun*chi has, in some respects, been decidedly low-key – although with fellow ASOBISYSTEM stablemate Kyary Pamyu Pamyu courting more column inches, this is to be expected. As mentioned previously, Yun*chi’s approach to the world … Read More


Tales from Bisneyland… Since their inception, the ‘anti-idol’ idol outfit Brand-New Idol Society have gone through some line-up changes, fake breakup speeches, released some eyebrow-raising videos and generally gone out of their way to get attention. Their antics have clearly … Read More

GAMETIME – Oishii! Ichigo

Taking their lead from Japan’s diverse Idol outfits, Oishii!Ichigo are the UK’s own homegrown equivalent, albeit without the generous financial backing of record labels or marketing outfits. Instead, the Oishii! Outfit are a good example of enthusiasts pooling their resources … Read More

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