The Music Tradition of KOHAKU UTA GASSEN

Looking at Japan’s traditional Christmas music show While Christmas in Japan is a very different experience to those that we enjoy in the west, there’s a familiar tradition that arrives every New Year’s Eve in the shape of Kohaku Uta … Read More

ORIGA (1970-2015)

Legendary Ghost In The Shell singer passes Sad news this week with the news that ORIGA, whose distinctive vocals were such a vital part of the soundtrack to Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex, passed away last weekend. … Read More


It was always a most unlikely collaboration: in one corner, the colourful idol outfit MOMOIRO CLOVER Z and the other corner, the classic rock outfit KISS. The finished product is ‘Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina’, a song that was penned … Read More

2015 Music Preview

Last year proved to be a strong year for J-Pop releases – and along with it came a continuation of the desire for some Japanese artists and record labels to expand into a global market. This interest has obviously been … Read More

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