KYARY PAMYU PAMYU album tracks revealed

It’s a KPP revolution… As previously reported, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has a new album scheduled for release next month. PAMYU PAMYU REVOLUTION now has a track listing and details of the various releases. This is Kyary’s first full length album … Read More

SALIA to release debut solo album

Unicorn Table’s singer strikes out in solo outing Salia, singer of pop rock outfit Unicorn Table, is releasing her debut album TRUST IN ME this June. Salia is better known globally for classics such as the theme song for Cutie … Read More

Introducing SPHERE

Anime Spheres As a group, Sphere have established themselves as providers for theme songs to a variety of anime series. The group also features two of the cast of classic anime series K-On! In fact Sphere consists of four established … Read More

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