J-Pop Go Shop Updates

Back in 2005 J-Pop Go trialed its own dedicated J-Pop magazine. Each issue was a glossy print publication with a variety of articles and features. Now we’re making available some of the back issues here via the J-Pop Go Shop. … Read More

PUFFY COVERS sleeve art revealed

The sleeve design for the forthcoming Puffy Covers album has been unveiled on the Official Puffy website. As previously reported, the album will feature cover versions by a wide variety of artists including Yoshii Kazuya, Saito Kazuyoshi, OKAMOTO‚ÄôS, The Birthday, … Read More

Puffy announce new single

Classic J-Pop duo return They were one of the first contemporary J-Pop acts to break through to the West – and did so with an amazing catalogue of great tunes. Now Puffy are returning with a new single titled ‘Tomodachi … Read More


Puffy design genius Much of the whimsical designs that featured on early Puffy record releases were down to the talents of illustrator Rodney Alan Greenblat. The US-based artist is probably best known for his work on the classic game Parappa … Read More