J-Pop Go will be on guest DJ duties at this weekend’s AYACON event. AyaCon is a weekend long Japanese culture convention featuring a range of events and guests revolving around anime, manga, video games, music and all parts of Japanese … Read More

The Amecon Interviews

Amecon is the UK’s largest anime convention. Running since 2004, the weekend-long event features cosplay shows, panels, pub quizzes, parties, anime screenings, guests and more. This year’s Amecon saw a gathering of many of the people and DJs involved in … Read More

An interview with UNICORN TABLE

UNICORN TABLE have built a career on a boisterous pop rock that has carved its way into a series of top notch anime themes including Fly Away from Jinki:Extend and a variety of tunes from School Rumble. The creation of … Read More