SHONEN KNIFE WEEK – Coming soon!

If there’s one Japanese band that’s made their mark on the West then it’s SHONEN KNIFE.

The pop punk powerhouse trio have been writing and performing since 1982, marking 30 years of tunes – and there’s no sign of them slowing down. Their brand new album POP TUNE gets its UK and European release on 6th June via Damnably.

So J-Pop Go are gearing up for a special SHONEN KNIFE WEEK as we feature a series of articles discussing the band’s extensive career, an exclusive new interview, a review of new album POP TUNE, Shonen Knife trivia and maybe a surprise or two!

We’d also like to hear from Shonen Knife fans to hear your stories of how you discovered the band or what it is about the 3-piece outfit that you like so much. Perhaps you’ve got some entertaining Shonen Knife stories to tell. Email us with all the details here:

So join J-Pop Go on Monday 4th June when it’ll be Shonen Knife Go!