A few astute J-Pop Go viewers would have spotted references to Project MARSHMALLOW dotted about here and there and perhaps have asked what exactly is it and how does it relate to J-Pop Go.

Project Marshmallow is an idea that we’ve been playing around with for a while in a bid to build upon and expand J-Pop Go and take us into a new and exciting direction. Project Marshmallow is the creative arm of J-Pop Go and is responsible for developing music acts. Our first experimental offering will be titled Marshmallow Llama Time which is inspired by our love of J-Pop, marshmallows, llamas and fluffy things in general.

We are also very proud to announce that this musical endeavour will feature the vocal skills of Finny Attridge. A rising star on the UK’s Japanese culture scene, Finny Attridge has already been a contestant for the Hyper Japan UK Kawaii Star Of The Year contest, Miss Teen Queen UK contestant and also featured in this year’s Neo calendar.

She has also won the May 2012 NEO Cosplay Idol Contest. Finny cites cosplay, singing and performance as interests and is also part of dance outfit Cinnamon Purin.

J-Pop Go ran an interview with the wonderful Finny as part of our recent K-ON! WEEK which looked at her previous musical and performance adventures and how K-On! has lent more than a little inspiration.

We’ll have more details on Marshmallow Llama Time to follow in due course.