akari_naomiTwo of our resident Japanese musicians and singers are taking part in a special J-Pop show in London on 29th June.

NAOMI SUZUKI is a J-Pop singer known for her performances and compere work at the Japan Matsuri, while AKARI MOCHIZUKI is a regular performer at Japan Matsuri and Hyper Japan where she entertains audiences with her own blend of Enka and Pop.

The performance later this month will see both Akari and Naomi battling it out with a selection of the Showa era’s greatest hits. This period in Japanese music showcased artists such as Kyu Sakamoto, Seiko Matsuda, The Peanuts and Pink Lady.

The venue of choice is So Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus which serves a variety of tasty Japanese dishes. Tickets are £43 which also includes a 3-course dinner and drink. The event takes place on Sunday 29th June. Doors open at 6pm.

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