London Anime & Gaming Con Summer 2016

lagc-summer2016The LONDON AND ANIME GAMING CON returns for its summer event!

J-POP GO will be on DJ duties for the Friday night segment of the event. Baka Punk will be on hand to spin tunes for Saturday night and Bass Invaders and DJ Espio will close proceedings for Sunday’s partying.

Musical guests for the weekend include the superb vocal talents of Scarlett Young, rising stars Furi Furi and J-idol group SUSUME☆STAR – a brand-new dance unit dedicated to performing the best of Japanese idol music. Also appearing are J-Pop performance group Crystal Rose and maid-idol outfit Rosa Tea Café. SDNX (Sardonyx), a rising K-Pop/J-Pop dance group will also be appearing.

The event will also feature a Tribute Hour, hosted by Tomemon & Emianox. The 1 hour live will showcase performances to various singles from including; ‘Denden Passion’, ‘Sakura Apparition’ and ‘Otsukare Summer!’. You can expect ribbon twirling, towel spinning and penlight wotagei along with other surprises and various outfits! Mon and Emi hope to make the live as authentic and enjoyable as possible and stay true to Dempagumi’s ambience and spirit.

LAGC will also see live performances from returning rock band The Kut and alternative outfit Fighting Evil Is Cool.

Other guests for the July event include voice actor Robert Axelrod (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Akira, Cowboy Bebop) and cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean.

Ticket prices vary depending on whether you wish to attend on the day or across the weekend. Please visit the LAGC website for more details.