J-POP GO to guest at the London Anime Con 30th June 2012

J-Pop Go will be making a special guest appearance at the next London Anime Con which is scheduled to take place in London on Saturday 30th June and Sunday July 1st 2012.

London Anime Con is a fun and friendly anime and gaming convention that takes place at The Rocket Complex London Metropolitan University, London. The weekend will feature a Cosplay Masquerade, DDR Tournament, Voice-Acting Workshops, Manga Workshops, Bring & Buy, Video Gaming and more. The evening events include live music, performance artists and DJs.

The lineup for Saturday 20th June features performances from Area-11, DotDot3, Djumans and a selection of DJs including DJ JAKAZiD, DJ Kurisu and DJ Guy-kun (from WOTA).

J-Pop Go will be represented by DJ genkiboi and DJ Tasuki. We’ll also be staging a WOTA vs J-POP GO DJ Battle!

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