Interview DMBQ

DMBQ’s frenetic sound pulls in a diverse range of sounds and influences and which they themselves describe as “Hard Rock/Psychedelic-based music, infused with elements of Noise and Free Improvisation”. J-Pop Go caught up with frontman Shinji Masuko to chat about the band.

What’s it like being on Avex?

Actually we’re the only rock band who are have a contract on Avex. It’s very strange though ….

You’ve also got a very big US following

Yeah we live in Tokyo but since we have a contract with an American raiders called H and Go and Estrus so we’re basically in San Franscisco right now. So we have to go visit the US twice in a year as we’re touring. It’s really fun and we’re having a contract with Avex too so we have to do a tour in Japan too so we’re always touring. It’s really fun.

Do you get tired of touring? Because your peformances are very energetic and very physical so it must be draining.

(laughs) Yeah it’s very physical but anyway we really like to be playing so it’s OK. Sometimes it makes me so much tired especially in the US. In the US we have to do 40 shows in 5 weeks – it’s crazy!

That’s a heavy schedule! I understand that you’re also a writer as well?

I’m kind of a sub-culture writer for magazines or sometimes newspapers and also I’m writing for Blues & Soul records.

Were you a writer before you got into a band?

I made this band twelve years ago and then moved to Tokyo. I’m originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido and then moved to Tokyo and I got a job as a writer. Then the band started getting popular.

I’ve also read that you’ve been compared to Blue Cheer?

Oh yeah Blue Cheer is my favourite. I’m very impressed by their influence.

J-Pop Go gives its warmest thanks to Shinji Masuko

This interview originally appeared in issue 2 of the J-Pop Go magazine