HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015


HYPER JAPAN returns with its own special brand of Christmas fun…

Following a successful summer event (which saw the likes of DEMPAGUMI.INC and TOKYO GIRLS making their UK debut), HYPER JAPAN is back with their Christmas Market event. This year the event is being staged at the Tobacco Dock, based in East London (which was also the venue for the FestivalAsia event earlier this year).

Once again Hyper Japan will be home to regular events, including the Sushi Awards 2015 as well as some other traditional Japanese cultural activities. Do you want your Christmas presents to get some fancy origami-style wrapping? Then Hyper Japan has just the workshop for you.

The music schedule for the Christmas event is quite varied. Visual Kei is a strong theme this year care of outfits such as Lacroix Despheres – a band that weaves together classical influences along with theatre. Hyper Japan will also be hosting a performance by WING WORKS, a Visual Kei outfit that bring together electronic music and rock in a sci-fi combo.

Perhaps the most high profile act performing at Hyper Japan this month is LADYBABY who manage to conjure up a combination of idol music and heavy rock that resulted in the infectious melodies of debut single ‘Nippon Manju’ earlier this year.

The rise of so-called ‘kawaiicore’ has been typified by the success of acts such as BABYMETAL and Ladybaby are continuing the theme. Consisting of Ladybeard, Kaneko Rie and Kuromiya Rei (also lead singer in BRATS), the trio manage to hit that sweet spot between pop and death metal care of Ladybeard’s booming vocals. Originally from Australia, Ladybeard (who also does pro-wrestling) cuts a visually arresting figure with his cross-dressing style. LADYBABY are guaranteed to rock your socks off at Hyper Japan this November.

LADYBABY Schedule:
Friday: 19:00 on Live.Japan Stage
Saturday: 17:00 on Live.Japan Stage
Sunday: 15:00 on Live.Japan Stage

An unofficial meeting of LADYBABY fans will also take place prior to Sunday’s performance (and also to celebrate Rei Kuromiya’s birthday!). Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/852424238198906/


For Vocaloid fans, IA will be making her UK debut at Hyper Japan this weekend. IA was developed and distributed by 1st Place Co. Ltd. from the Vocaloid3 engine and first emerged in January 2012. Her voice is provided by Japanese female singer-songwriter, Lia (best known for ‘Tori no Uta’). IA also has the distinction of being the first artist based on the Vocaloid3 engine to have over 1 million views on Nice Nico Douga.

As well as appearing on stage on Saturday and Sunday, there will be a special IA booth selling a selection of official IA goods. Plus, there will also be a meet & greet opportunity so you can have photo opportunities with IA’s stage dancers.

IA Schedule:
Saturday: 20:00 on Live.Japan Stage
Sunday: 10:00 on Live.Japan Stage
Meet and Greet: Sunday: 11:00 in Meet & Greet Area

Hatsune Miku fan outfit Mirai no Neiro will also be returning to Hyper Japan. Mirai no Neiro (Sound of the Future) is a volunteer group who aim to introduce Japan’s Vocaloid culture to countries around the world. This includes unofficial Miku concerts in the US, Germany, Taiwan, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico and Chile.

Meanwhile, there’s also Betenya who’ll be introducing the concept of street advertising (or chindonya) to Hyper Japan audiences. Chindonya involves colourful street performers and musicians who entice passers-by to promote services or a product.

Hyper Japan will also pay host to Kuli-Kala, Revenge of the Samurai – a live action theatrical production featuring “Ta-Te” Japanese stage swordplay. This collaborative stage work comes from theatre group 30-Delux, written by Kamen Rider scribe Nobuhiro Mori and with music provided by composer Toshihiko Sahashi (Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny).

HYPER JAPAN takes place from Friday 27th November through to Sunday 29th November at Tobacco Dock, London.

Tickets start at £13 per day/session available from http://hyperjapan.co.uk/tickets/


See the J-Pop Go Events page for more details.