An Interview with HIROYUKI ITOH

HIROYUKI ITOH is the CEO of Crypton Future Media, better known for their Vocaloid software and its most famous offspring Hatsune Miku. The phenomenal success of Hatsune Miku has reached beyond Japan and the fan-created content has led to an … Read More

The Amecon Interviews

Amecon is the UK’s largest anime convention. Running since 2004, the weekend-long event features cosplay shows, panels, pub quizzes, parties, anime screenings, guests and more. This year’s Amecon saw a gathering of many of the people and DJs involved in … Read More

TOMITA Interview

Legendary electronic music pioneer speaks If there’s a name that’s synonymous with Japanese electronic music it’s Isao Tomita, whose 1974 album Snowflakes Are Dancing was an early experimental work that, alongside Western works such as Walter Carlos’ Switched-On Bach, provided … Read More


“I look forward and never look back…” With the release of their latest album Pop Tune (see J-Pop Go review), Shonen Knife celebrate 30 years of their own particular brand of rock tunes. Founder-member Naoko Yamano kindly took time out … Read More

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