BiS issue PPCC PV

After the numerous teaser trailers doing the rounds on the net, those scamps at Brand-New Idol Society have finally issued a PV for an edit of new single ‘PPCC’.

BiS have previously been very cryptic about the new song, which marks their debut on major label Avex. A second teaser video was released earlier this year showing the BiS members kissing and licking each other (sure to provoke controversy in the same way their “nude” PV for previous release ‘My Ixxx’ did).

The mystery of the title appears to have been solved however as the teaser video features a line from the song: “Peropero chuchu”. These are Japanese onomatopoeia for licking (peropero) and kissing (chuchu) which appears to fit the ‘PPCC’ of the title.

‘PPCC’ is due for release on 18th July 2012.

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