AREA 11 Feat Beckii Cruel release ‘Shi no Barado’

The collaborative effort between Bristol rock outfit AREA 11 and BECKII CRUEL has now been released.

Shi No Barado is an impressive slice of pop-infused rock with some smooth melodic touches and confident vocals. The video accompanying the song is a very slick set of visuals too.

The creation of Shi No Barado was revealed when we interviewed Beckii back in December 2012: “A few months back Area 11 got in contact with me and they asked me if I wanted to be a feature vocal on one of their tracks called Shi No Barado and I was really interested and so I said ‘Yes, please send me the track’. It’s very different to what I normally do. The genre is Gaijin Rock which is like J-Rock with an English style to it. We recorded the song only about a month and a half ago and it went so well and I was thrilled and it was music that really suited my voice, which is probably unexpected to a lot of people but I had so much fun”.

Area 11 are a 4-piece outfit from Bristol who took their name from the anime series Code Geass (in which Area 11 is the name for Japan) and whose songs often take inspiration from anime and games.

Shi No Barado is taken from the new Area 11 album All the Lights in the Sky.