2012 – The Year In Review

The early part of 2012 saw the return of the UK’s biggest J-Culture event Hyper Japan as they moved to their new home at Earl’s Court. Once again, a fantastic line-up of events included the Sake Award Show, World Cosplay … Read More

J-POP GO Gallery Update

Our last J-Pop Go live event, which took place at the Vibe Bar back in November, featured the talents of Naomi Suzuki, Sonia Leong along with Marshmallow Llama Time. As one of our final end of year treats, check out … Read More


J-POP GO returns to London with a new event on Sunday 18th November featuring live performances by NAOMI SUZUKI (AJ Unity, Japan Matsuri), SONIA LEONG and MARSHMALLOW LLAMA TIME. NAOMI SUZUKI is a multi-talented singer, actress and producer who is … Read More

An Interview with NAOMI SUZUKI

Multi-talented Matsuri host talks about her music One of the highlights of the recent Japan Matsuri was a performance by the talented NAOMI SUZUKI who drew a sizeable group of enthusiastic J-Pop fans and curious bystanders (and which featured a … Read More

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