BiS album IDOL is DEAD on the way

Following on from their Avex label debut release in July with single PPCC, intriguing J-Pop outfit BiS (Brand-New Idol Society) now have a new album on the way. The new release titled IDOL is DEAD features 13 tracks and combines … Read More

BIS make their Avex debut

A trip to Bisneyland… Our favourite idol group BiS (Brand-New Idol Society) today mark their first release on the Avex label with the release of new single ‘PPCC’. It’s been an interesting path for the girls who present a much … Read More

BiS issue PPCC PV

After the numerous teaser trailers doing the rounds on the net, those scamps at Brand-New Idol Society have finally issued a PV for an edit of new single ‘PPCC’. BiS have previously been very cryptic about the new song, which … Read More

BiS PPCC and new release details

Underground idol antics Their Avex debut single PPCC is on the way, but BiS also have a special separate vinyl release out next month. BiS (aka Brand-New Idol Society) have been very cryptic about their forthcoming release ‘PPCC’, which marks … Read More

Introducing BiS

A phrase such as ‘idol group’ will conjure up particular images and ideas in your average J-Pop fan that are not going to be that dissimilar from the many acts dominating the contemporary Japanese charts. So it’s a refreshing surprise … Read More

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