Into the VOID with Coppé

At the culmination of her UK tour, Legendary Godmother of Japanese Electronica, Coppé rounded things off with a special post-tour party in London. The location of choice was Rudy’s Revenge cocktail bar, a hidden gem amongst London’s nighttime venues. Guests … Read More


Perfume return with a slice of serviceable technopop Having achieved domestic success, the Technopop trio of Perfume continue to carve their global path and appear to have emerged as the flag-waving vanguard for J-Pop. LEVEL3 is Perfume’s 4th studio album … Read More

5TH DIMENSION – Momoiro Clover Z

5TH DIMENSION marks the long-awaited follow-up album to Momoiro Clover Z’s 2011 album release Battle And Romance. As their first album is largely considered a classic of the J-Pop genre, how does their sophomore album shape up? As expected, 5TH … Read More

Introducing AKI AKANE

Screaming Cinderella in action If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Japan Expo in Paris this month, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet popular illustrator and singer Aki Akane who will be both appearing and performing at the … Read More

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