5TH DIMENSION – Momoiro Clover Z

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5thdimension5TH DIMENSION marks the long-awaited follow-up album to Momoiro Clover Z’s 2011 album release Battle And Romance. As their first album is largely considered a classic of the J-Pop genre, how does their sophomore album shape up?

As expected, 5TH DIMENSION collates the post-Battle And Romance singles and also marks some intriguing collaborations for Momoclo along the way (although producer and songwriter Kenichi Maeyamada, who is regarded as being largely responsible for Momoclo’s early sound, has less input on this album).

5TH DIMENSION is a 13 track album of which 4 were previous singles (or 5 if you count ‘NEO Stargate’ which was issued as a digital-only track just prior to the album’s launch). The album also enjoys collaborations from a broad range of songwriters who each pull from disparate music genres. More Inside  »