It’s time for a new J-Pop Go feature – our semi-regular News Briefings bringing you some J-Pop news, gossip and stories from around the web. Click on the links for more details…

  • If you’re in the mood for some electronic music this month then Queen of Japanese Electronica Coppé is currently touring the UK with the following dates coming up, including a date this Saturday: Ginglik, London (6th Oct), Marlborough Theatre, Brighton (7th Oct), Ether Festival, South Bank, London (12th Oct).
  • Momiro Clover Z’s new song, titled Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi Yo, has been produced by none other than guitar legend Hotei Tomoyasu. Hotei is also performing here in the UK for a special concert on 18th December at The Roundhouse, London.
  • Russian rock duo t.A.T.u. have their debut album reissued next month. This is the same t.A.T.u. whose anime adventures were sadly cut short and who were also lauded by BiS in tribute video Paprika. And on the subject of BiS, a special edit preview pv of new tune Ash is up on the Avex YouTube channel.
  • Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima popped along to Hammersmith Apollo in London recently to see synthpop pioneers Ultravox. “Most of the audiences were in my age. I was so impressed and pleased to see the drumming of “THE VOICE” being still performed well and I was able to sang along “HYMN” w/ others”.

  • Anna Tsuchiya (who is part of the VAMPS Halloween line-up) has resumed her activities after announcing that she’s recovered from a bout of tonsillitis that had confined the singer to bed since last month. The illness caused her to lose her voice and was so bad that she had trouble swallowing. Anna’s first event was a public appearance for a collaboration between jewelry brand AGATHA PARIS and UK rockers The Rolling Stones.

And that wraps up our J-Pop Go News Briefing for now!