It’s time for another J-Pop Go News Briefing, bringing you some stories, gossip and entertainment from around the web. Click on the links for more details…

  • b_momcloMomoiro Clover Z will be releasing their second album (which is currently untitled) on 10th April. The group made this announcement on 19th January during the second part of their live event, ‘Dokusen! Momo Kuno 60-pun vol.5’ at Ishikawa-ken Sangyou Tenjikan. The as-yet untitled album will be the follow-up to 2011’s Battle and Romance. []
  • b_bisBrand-new idol Society have a new currently untitled single due for release on 13th March. The new song is a rock number penned by Hidaka Toru which will also see the involvement of Matsukuma Kenta’s band SCRAMBLES. The single will come in 3 flavours, including a special Live Edition which will include a DVD featuring footage from last July’s ‘Mada Major Janai Mon!!’ live.[]
  • b_uzaWriter Satoshi Hamano analyzes why AKB48 is like a religion. Hamano, an emerging social critic and expert of social media, titled his latest book analyzing the popularity of Japan’s iconic all-female idol group “Atsuko Maeda (of AKB48) is bigger than Christ”. []
  • b_boyfriendA non-Japanese act has been tapped to provide the new theme music for the anime series Detective Conan. Korean boy band Boyfriend’s third Japanese single, Hitmoi no Melody will be featured on the mystery show starting this February in Japan, ahead of its March 27th CD release.[]

And that wraps up our J-Pop Go News Briefing for now!