It’s time for another J-Pop Go News Briefing, bringing you some stories, gossip and entertainment from around the web. Click on the links for more details…

  • If you’re in the mood for some electronic music this week then Queen of Japanese Electronica Coppé is performing as part of the Ether Festival, South Bank, London tomorrow (12th Oct).
  • K-On! The Movie is screening on 13th October as part of the Scotland Loves Anime season. The school year is drawing to a close, with it will come the graduation of four of the five girls in the school’s Light Music Club. They spend their graduation trip to London, but one thing weighs heavily on the minds of the four seniors: what kind of song will they write as their goodbye to Azusa, their junior member? Tickets via
  • Japan Underground will be presenting four female-fronted Japanese bands in London on the 19th October. The line-up features 33Insanity’sVertebra, miette-one, yuki kawana, Jun Okada. The action takes place at The Pipeline. Details and tickets at the link.
  • The sleeve art for forthcoming AKB48 single UZA has been revealed. The new release sees the idol outfit adopting a much more robust Electropop style for their sound. UZA is AKB48’s 28th single release and will be issued in 7 different versions. The single is due for release on 31st October.
  • Following the recent success of Gangham Style (430,072,284 views on YouTube as we speak), which recently landed the No. 1 slot in the UK charts, PSY expressed interest in writing his next single in English. He said in a recent interview, “The second single is going to be in English,” “And the thing is, it’s too much pressure to overcome Gangnam Style. It’s really hard.”

And that wraps up our J-Pop Go News Briefing for now!