SIRO-A Live in London

Regular visitors to Hyper Japan and the Japan Matsuri will already be familiar with the performances by Japan’s SIRO-A. Formed in Sendai in 2002, SIRO-A have been exporting their particular brand of performance art outside of Japan ever since. It’s … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Highlights

Combining both traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture, HYPER JAPAN presents a weekend of exhibits, food, performances and displays celebrating the best of Japan. Here’s some of the highlights for the event. HYPER JAPAN 2013 will see the UK … Read More


HYPER JAPAN had announced that Japanese performance group SIRO-A will be performing at HYPER JAPAN 2013. SIRO-A present a dazzling blend of music, lazers and carefully choreographed routines which delighted audiences at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (where they won … Read More