PerfumePERFUME have released their latest compilation album LOVE THE WORLD which features a selection of the outfit’s previous single releases and selected songs.

LOVE THE WORLD is a global release ahead of the trio’s Asia Tour which will see them perform in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore in October/November.

The album features 16 tracks including Polyrhythm, edge (⊿-mix), GAME and Butterfly. It also includes SEVENTH HEAVEN and FAKE IT, marking the first time these tracks have been included on an album. It also features remixes of Chocolate Disco and MY COLOR by Nakata Yasutaka.

The Limited Edition version of the album also includes a DVD featuring the new video for FAKE IT along with other bonus footage. FAKE IT was originally released as an additional track on the 2010 single Nee.

The complete track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Polyrhythm
02. edge (⊿-mix)
03. love the world
04. Electro World
05. Chocolate Disco (2012 Mix)
07. GAME
08. Secret Secret
10. Baby cruising Love
11. Butterfly
13. Laser Beam
15. MY COLOR (LTW Mix)
16. Dream Fighter

Limited Edition DVD:
01. FAKE IT (pv)
02. FAKE IT (Making Of)
03. Polyrhythm (Historical Live Act Version)

LOVE THE WORLD is also available on iTunes here in the UK for £14.99.

Text by Paul Browne
13th September 2012