Plans for the next LAC event for 2013 are in full swing and details of the special guests and lineup are now available. This includes a performance by J-Rock outfit COLORS, electronic music artist TEMPHUiBIS and an appearance by voice actor CAITLIN GLASS.

COLORS are a UK-based J-Rock outfit originally from Japan and date back to 1988. The band reformed in London in July 2010. COLORS have already had a sold-out mini album and have re-recorded their anthem ‘Hello G’ with an official video to critical acclaim. With new material showcasing their unique blend of punk rock juxtaposed with eastern melody, the band will be rocking the stage at the London Anime Con 2013!

TEMPHUiBIS is an Electronic music composer who uses video game consoles, New Age music equipment and inspiration from playing video games to make a unique blend of Chiptune, Techno, Ambient and other genres. He’s composed music for an upcoming iPhone and Android app and is also a seasoned performer at UK conventions.

Among the other stars signed on for the event are CAITLIN GLASS who is best known for her role as Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist and has also appeared as Hannah Annafellows in Black Butler, Cammy in Street Fighter IV/SFxTekken and many more!

EILEEN MONTGOMERY is a singer and performer who is also a voice actor appearing in numerous productions, including the role of Lady Tethys in the Xbox arcade game Dust: An Elysian Tail. She has also appeared in abridges such as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged [XTheDarkOne], Rosario + Vampire The Abridged Series [MasakoX & XTheDarkOne] and Young Justice Abridged [DCAbridgedUniverse].

FINNY ATTRIDGE is the singer with MARSHMALLOW LLAMA TIME and is also well known for several cosplay awards, including NEO’s Cosplay Idol award. For the LAC she’ll be part of the Cosplay Experts Q&A Panel at the LAC 2013 event.

J-POP GO will also once again be providing a guest DJ slot at the next LAC event for Saturday evening. Expect a good selection of J-Pop, Anime and Game tunes with a side order of K-Pop!

The London Anime Convention takes place on the weekend of 9th-10th February 2013 at the regular Rocket Complex venue. The event features anime, gaming and cosplay events plus evening music events and more all for just £8 per day. Book now via

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Text by Paul Browne
4th November 2012