lac2013_logoA reminder that J-Pop Go will be making at appearance at the LONDON ANIME CON this weekend with more J-Pop goodness.

J-Pop Go will be handling DJ duties for the Saturday evening portion of the event as part of a packed schedule of events across the weekend. Here’s a guide to some of the music events scheduled to take place:

12:00pm CINNAMON PURIN featuring Marshmallow Llama Time’s very own Finny Attridge. Expect captivating dance routines and choice J-Pop/Anime themes.

04:00pm LEGEND IN JAPAN are an alt-punk combo from London who recently released their debut EP ‘Welcome to the Pity Party’.

05:00pm OF FIRE AND FATE present heavy duty sounds for a heavy duty crowd.

07:00pm FLAVIYAKE offers up her own particular take on Electropop combining soaring vocals, dance beats and pure melodies. Check out our own introduction article on Flaviyake for more details.

08:00pm J-POP GO arrives with DJ genkiboi and DJ Tasukidaisuki who will both be spinning a selection of tunes covering everything from J-Pop, Idol, Vocaloid, Anime, Game themes and all points inbetween. The DJ duties will then be taken up by Team WOTA who will take you into the early hours with more tunes from Japan.

12:00pm KIMONOTIME and ABIPOP will be delighting the LAC audiences with their own dancing and singing styles.

03:00pm KITTY B is a theatrical burlesque rock diva from London. She toured China early in January to rave reviews, and is now touring across the UK. Her style can be described as “burlesque rock dance” and is famous for her outrageous outfits and big voice.

04:00pm SUFFERING SILENCE are an alternative hybrid metal band from London.

06:00pm FINAL FANTASY MEDLEY with KerriVeck, a classically trained soprano from Hampshire..

07:00pm WITH ETHER, an acoustic guitar duo composed of Simon Leong and Al Poon. Expect unique arrangements of famed game tunes, including Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid and more.

09:00pm BASS INVADERS RAVE thumping tunes to take you through the night.

Please note that Yama-B will not now be appearing at LAC this weekend.

The LAC takes place on 20-21st July at The Rocket Complex at Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road N7 8DB.

London Anime Con Website:

Text by Amy
19th July 2013