Here at J-Pop Go we like to keep busy and regular readers will know about our amazing list of projects that have slowly been unveiled over the course of the year. Time then for some updates – and additions – to our project list…

project_mikuThere’s no prizes for guessing who this venture is connected with, but just to get even more cryptic you may like to know that this comes in two flavours: Project ‘A’ and Project ‘B’.

id_smileNo information is available on this project at this time.

id_greenIf there was one thing missing from the J-Pop Go website it was a colourful merchandise section. Thus, Project Green was designed to look at ideas and options for a range of colourful merchandise. This was trialed with our nifty little badge sets and we’re currently expanding the range via our handy Shop section.

id_snowJ-Pop Go was asked to organise the music element of the 2013 Anime Attacks event in Newcastle. This became Project Snowfall.

id_portalThis project was constructed as part of a collaboration with a third party for a high profile event for 2013.

Sadly, this event never materialised due to issues on arriving at a mutually beneficial decision with all the players involved. Something we might revisit in 2014 though.