wackyOne of our favourite idol outfits, Brand-New Idol Society, lost one of its members recently as Wakisaka Yurika has since left the group with a live group performance on 16th March marking her last appearance with BiS.

Wakisaka-san, aka ‘Wacky’, has had ongoing health issues for some time. To add to her woes, an ankle injury sustained during high school has returned following her 100km endurance marathon which she undertook last year. Wacky also wants to focus on her college studies, but hasn’t ruled out returning to BiS at some unspecified point in the future.

By way of tribute, BiS issued a special ‘Wacky Honky Bye Bye Version’ release of their last single BiSimulation which features a 28 page booklet.

Meanwhile, BiS are in the process of holding auditions for a replacement member. The outfit is looking for women aged between 17 to 24 and cannot be signed with an existing record label or outfit. No experience is necessary (An ability to handle a nail-studded baseball bat can only be an advantage though). Auditions take place between 14th April and 21st April at Avex’s HQ.



Text by Paul Browne
29th March 2013