Next Sunday’s J-POP GO event will also help to raise awareness for the AID FOR JAPAN charity.

AID FOR JAPAN was set up by Akemi Solloway, who is already a well-known figure here in the UK for promoting Japanese culture. After the devastating tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan last year, Akemi felt obligated to do something. AID FOR JAPAN was founded as a charity to help the orphans left behind in the wake of the tragedy.

AID FOR JAPAN aims to raise money in the UK from running and organising annual Japanese cultural events and other funding raising events during the year. Monies raised at these events will be used to offer help to these orphaned Japanese children with both their education and other immediate essential needs. The charity will also aim to travel to Japan each year to meet these children and evaluate their immediate needs and then see how the charity’s fund raising can be best targeted to help in this respect.

AID FOR JAPAN will have a table at J-POP GO this Sunday 15th July 2012 where you can learn more about the charity’s work and also consider making a donation in support of their cause.

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Text by Paul Browne
12th July 2012