2NE1 made an appearance on Radio 1’s Review show on 10th July with some interesting responses.

Edith Bowman presented the show which also featured Popjustice’s Pete Robinson and Orlando (aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) – and it was Mr Robinson that brought along 2NE1’s latest release I Love You (which he summed up as “brilliant”) for review. The immediate feedback from listeners was diverse, with one comment comparing 2NE1 to The Saturdays while another described it as the “worse song I’ve ever heard”. Meanwhile, Orlando summed up his feelings by saying that he couldn’t give anyone points for going into a studio to produce such music, adding “it’s like building a house out of Lego”.

Edith had also commented that it was probably the only time they would play a South Korean band on the show, while Pete Robinson rightly pointed out that at some point in the next 18 months a K-Pop band is going to be massive around the world.

The most interesting result of this show however came with the results on Radio 1’s Facebook poll for favourite track of the show.

What does this mean for 2NE1 and K-Pop here in the UK? Well Pete Robinson’s comments highlight the fact that K-Pop is going to have a very big impact on the Western charts in the near future – and getting exposure on Radio 1 is only going to help raise the profile of what is arguably one of the best K-Pop bands out there.

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Radio 1 Facebook Poll

Text by Paul Browne
11th July 2012