2013 proved to be a very rewarding year for Japanese music, particularly with some major events in connection with the UK. We’re hoping 2014 will continue this trend – and there’s certainly going to be a wealth of album and single releases on the way.

Here’s a small selection of some of the artists and outfits that we’re looking forward to in 2014 (along with links to YesAsia to purchase physical copies)…

kyaryMottainaiAfter a busy 2013, the scary-haired one has her first 2014 release and 8th single scheduled for release this February. Apparently, Kyary’s theme for 2014 will be “Evolution”, hence her new persona as ‘Super Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’.

The 31st January also marks Kyary’s 21st birthday – a date that will see her staging a special birthday live event in Tokyo. Also, the 29th January will see the release of her new DVD 100%KPP WORLD TOUR 2013 OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY, charting her global adventures in 2013. It’s also worth remembering that Kyary is due to return to the UK for a liver performance (date and venue to be confirmed).

No details on the title of her single release have been announced, although the Limited Edition will apparently feature a special choreography video by Kyary’s dancers.

The new single is released on 26th February.
100%KPP WORLD TOUR 2013 OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY is released 29th January.



news_large_Perfume_cmLike Kyary, PERFUME enjoyed a busy 2013, notably with the release of their LEVEL3 album. For 2014, the technopop trio will be issuing a special DVD/Blu-Ray release titled PERFUME CLIPS.

This release will be pull together 23 songs that track Perfume’s career (minus their pre-Tokuma Japan Communication releases). This includes everything between major label debut ‘Linear Girl’ and 2011 release ‘Spice’, including B-Side songs. It also features a special version of ‘Chocolate Disco (Historical Live Act Version)’.

Limited Edition versions of both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases will include footage of the trio discussing the videos for the songs as well as rare footage and alternative versions of songs such as ‘I Still Love U’.

The track listing is as follows:
01. Linear Motor Girl
02. Computer City
03. Electro World
04. Chocolate Disco
05. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
06. Polyrhythm
07. Baby Cruising Love
08. Macaroni
09. Secret Secret
10. Love the World
11. Dream Fighter
12. One Room Disco
13. I Still Love U
14. Fushizen na Girl
15. Natural ni Koishite
17. Nee
18. Laser Beam (Full version)
20. Spice
21. Kasuka na Kaori (TV Version)
23. Chocolate Disco (Historical Live Act Version)

PERFUME CLIPS is released on 12th February 2014.


yun_chi_new2After a period of anticipation throughout 2013, YUN*CHI finally announced details of her debut album release, titled ASTERIX*.

Although a precise tracklisting is yet to emerge, it’s likely that the album will feature ‘Reverb*’, the song that brought Yun*chi to the attention of the J-Pop world, as well as her follow-up releases ‘Shake you*’, ‘Your song*’ (end theme to the anime LOG HORIZON) and ‘waon*’, the latter being her collaboration with UK idol outfit IroKokoro Project.

The album will certainly be including Yun*chi’s latest song ‘Perfect days*’ which was composed as a tune for a recent CM.

ASTERIX* is due for release on 5th February 2014.


utada_hikaruMarch 2014 marks the 15th Anniversary of UTADA HIKARU’s debut album First Love – and the album is getting a special reissue to mark the occasion.

Originally released in 1999, First Love has the distinction of being the best selling album in Japanese music history. The album sold over 8 million copies in Japan alone and topped the Oricon charts for 6 weeks.

FIRST LOVE – 15TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION will feature a re-mastered version of the album as well as a DVD featuring unreleased footage of Utada’s first LUV LIVE concert from April 1999. However, a special Deluxe Edition of the album will also include 2 additional CDs featuring B-Sides, instrumentals and unreleased material. A special hardcover book featuring unreleased photos, handwritten lyrics and replicas of items such as promo material, concert tickets and backstage passes will also be included.

FIRST LOVE – 15TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION is released on 10th March 2014.


news_large_terashimayufu_ART20131223With the line-up changes that plagued Brand-New Idol Society over the course of last year, you’d possibly have problems keeping up to speed with the personnel both in and out of the outfit. Yufu Terashima departed BiS in the spring, with the official line being that she was “too serious” to remain part of the idol outfit.

Terashima has wasted little time in embarking on other ventures, taking time out to star in the video for ‘My Name’ by START OF THE DAY. But Yuffy is also keen to pursue a solo musical career and has been working with the likes of Yumemi Nemu (DEMPAGUMI INC) for her forthcoming debut solo single (as yet untitled). At this stage, it’s unclear what direction Yuffy’s going to take with her music

The single will be issued in 3 different flavours: Limited Edition, Visual Edition and Regular Edition. The Limited Edition will come with a booklet and the Visual Edition will feature a DVD.

Yufu Terashima’s debut single will be released on 26th February.

Yufu Terashima official blog : http://ameblo.jp/panda0708/

lui_fronticMeanwhile, BiS founder-member Pour Lui remains with our favourite idol outfit, but is also embarking on a separate project with the enigmatic title of LUI◇FRONTiC◆Matsukuma JAPAN. Their debut release will be the mini-album JAPONiCA!!.

The new outfit features the BiS sound producer Kanta Matsukuma as part of a 4-piece line-up that appears to be going for a rock-orientated sound. A live event is also scheduled for February.

JAPONiCA!! Is scheduled for release on 19th February.


Text by Paul Browne
6th January 2014