The next London Anime Con takes place on the weekend of 5th-6th July 2014. Please note that this is the new revised date due to refurbishment work at the venue (full story here).

Highlight for the event include:

Once again, DJ duties will be handled by DJ genkiboi, bringing a variety of J-Pop, Idol Music, Vocaloid, Anime Tunes and a splash of K-Pop to keep the evening going (Saturday 8pm – 11pm).


Baka Punk is a DJ duo (Iain and Kai) specialising in EDM remixes of popular gaming and anime songs, playing at anime and Japanese culture events around the UK. Check them out at

Originally hailing from Germany, this cosplayer, performer, actress and singer is now living in the UK.
Himezawa participated in the German Cosplay Championship Finals, the European Cosplay Gathering and was featured on television and chosen as ‘Cosplay Star’ by Koneko magazine. She made her UK debut at MCM Expo in London earlier this year and has featured regularly in NEO magazine. Himezawa also placed in the recent Cosmates competition. With more than 90 self-made cosplays since her start in 2009, Himezawa has gained in popularity all around the world including the UK, USA, and Japan.

Other treats for the LAC weekend include live performances from Of Fire and Fate, Kerri Veck and Momoiro Otome Ensemble (M.O.E), a Meidol unit associated with Maids at Maids of England who will also be performing with dance and song covers of Doujinshi, Anime, J-Pop and idol songs.

Other guests include Maggie O’Hara, best known as the voice of Bulma from Dragonball Z, Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura and Mariemaia Khushrenada from Gundam Wing. The GAME Tournament Zone will return with a massive £1,000 worth of prize-support up for grabs. There will be over a dozen tournaments including League of Legends, Street Fighter IV, Halo 4, Call of Duty, Smash, Mario Kart, DDR, Minecraft and more.

Cosplay will be catered for with the addition of European guests and Cosfest. The launch of Cosfest will give this event an unique festival atmosphere with a number of fun cosplay-related activities taking place both inside and outside the event.

Also on the schedule is a special film night courtesy of Third window films, Maid Cafe’s performances and lots of Anime screenings and dealers with a wide variety of merchandise.



J-Pop Go Merchandise
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