It’s time for another J-Pop Go News Briefing, bringing you some stories, gossip and entertainment from around the web. Click on the links for more details…

  • tn_tommyfTOMMY FEBRUARY6 returns with a new song ‘Runaway!’ which is described as being an EDM song with English lyrics. It will be included in her new album released on June. Plus the song will be the ending theme of the TV show Jitsuroku Sekai no Mistery []
  • tn_scandalSCANDAL will be collaborating with a robot for a new project titled Robot・Scandal. SCANDAL will be working together with ‘Robi’- a robot designed by Takahashi Tomotaka, to create a new song and music video. The project appears to be a commercial tie-in with a new outlet called Grand Front Osaka which opens in the Umekita district in Osaka later this month. []
  • tn_beckiiBECKII CRUEL has been keeping busy lately since the release of the single Shi no Barado – her collaboration with Bristol Gaijin Rock outfit Area 11 – as well as the relaunch of her own website. In fact she spent some time with the Area 11 boys this month to record a live acoustic version of Shi no Barado. []
  • tn_slowsDreampop songstress SAPPHIRE SLOWS has her first album on the way. Although the title has yet to be revealed, she’s working on the artwork and videos. A special hour-long set is promised for a performance at SonarSound Tokyo this weekend to showcase some of the new album material. A new compilation CD is also on the way via BIG LOVE on 22nd May featuring her previous vinyl releases.[]

And that wraps up our J-Pop Go News Briefing for now!