ident_hyperjapan2013Combining both traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture, HYPER JAPAN presents a weekend of exhibits, food, performances and displays celebrating the best of Japan. Here’s some of the highlights for the event.

HYPER JAPAN 2013 will see the UK debut performance of Yun*chi – the latest star to emerge from ASOBISYSTEM (the outfit that brought us the wonderful KYARY PAMYU PAMYU).

featyunchminiYun*chi began working with Kz(livetune) and her eponymous mini album emerged towards the end of 2012, featuring her best-known song Reverb (whose pv featured the Kyary-esque lip dancers) – a bright, very melodic, very pure build of J-Pop that nevertheless has enough of dance element in its production that it would be at home in the club, your home or whichever sound delivery system takes your fancy.

Japanese performance group SIRO-A will also be performing at HYPER JAPAN 2013.
SIRO-A present a dazzling blend of music, lazers and carefully choreographed routines which delighted audiences at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (where they won the Spirit of Fringe Award). SIRO-A also staged critically-acclaimed performances in London earlier this year.

Also among the attractions at HYPER JAPAN is the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Official Shop where you can stock up on your essential Kyary goodies.

HYPER JAPAN is also host to big name brands covering anime, manga, gaming, cosplay and technology. This includes JP-Books, NHK World TV, United Publications, Otaku UK, Umisen-Yamasen, Third Window Films, Nintendo and much, much more. Plus a display by robotics outfit ITK.

Amongst the other treats in store are the Eat-Japan section of HYPER JAPAN which includes the Eat-Japan Sushi Awards and the Sake Experience where you’ll be invited to taste and learn more about these Japanese delicacies. Alongside Eat-Japan, enticing Japanese street food stalls give you the option to sample authentic tasty foods from rice balls to Japanese curry.

Visit the tatami booth for a unique insight into the daily life of a geisha, from their training to the art of getting ready, talks and demonstrations guide you on this secretive culture. Special guests include Sayuki – the first western Geisha.

HYPER JAPAN takes place on 26th-28th July 2013 at Earls Court London.

Text by Paul Browne
27th June 2013