flaviyake1We appear to be going through a sustained Electropop renaissance period at the moment and outfits such as Flaviyake continue to keep it fresh and interesting.

As a child, the young Flaviya was convinced that she was an alien who had been sent to observe life on earth. There’s certainly an otherworldly quality in much of the music that she now creates under the moniker of Flaviyake, a collaboration with her brother and producer RK. There’s the deep dance club beats of tracks like ‘Musical Vibes’, the sequenced rhythms and catchy electropop melodies of ‘Electronic Boy’ (complete with an unexpected flute segment), the soaring vocals of ‘Angelic Song’ and the euphoric heights of ‘Celestial Cutie’.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a Russian-vocal cover of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’. The Madonna connection is something rooted in Flaviyake’s past: “When I was a teenager I had some mysterious dreams about Madonna interpreted as signs of my destiny”. These dreams included Madonna guiding the young Flaviyake around the streets of London, a sure sign that the capital city was the best place to write and record her music.

Combining her name Flaviya with that of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, the resulting Flaviyake describes herself as an electropop artist influenced by Japanese culture. Originally hailing from Moldova, Flaviyake’s talents also include blogging about fashion. This includes showing off her particularly impressive fringe which she’s essentially set up as a canvas for her art. “My cartoon style iconic fringe is a recognizable element of the Flaviyake style” comments Flaviya, “What makes my stage presence unique and different is that I introduce my songs on stage with my original aphorisms. I am planning to publish them as a book From the G-spot to Enlightenment”.
Her initial exposure came courtesy of a vocal appearance on the languid and soulful ‘Hope Is a Blue Bird’ by Japanese composer Kocha Shoji which was released earlier in 2013 (and available via iTunes). But Flaviyake is keen to pave her own musical path and is currently filming a video for her song ‘The Magic Hit’ – a stripped-down number which relies on Flaviyake’s vocals to build the rhythm and melody to a minimalist percussive beat.

The music of Flaviyake covers a very broad base which at times calls to mind the work of artists such as Goldfrapp or Little Boots. There’s certainly a smooth transition between the various genres that Flaviyake hops between, demonstrating a confident vocal that can adapt from everything from dance pop to electronica.

Flaviyake will be performing at the London Anime Convention on Saturday 20th July at 7pm (followed by J-Pop Go’s guest DJ slot).

Now available on iTunes: Hope Is a Blue Bird (feat. Flaviyake) – Single – Kocha Shoji



Text by Paul Browne
16th July 2013