2013 proved to be a very busy year in the world of J-Pop, particularly for the UK which saw some significant events and pointed the way forward for an intriguing future. We look at the highlights of the year, including … Read More


If you’re in Gateshead today (Friday) then you might want to come down to Gateshead Central Library, NE8 4LN for an evening of J-Pop Goodness. J-Pop Go is coordinating the music events for the club night segment of Anime Attacks … Read More

Interview: Miku UK Project Interview

The Miku UK project is a fan-based initiative to stage live Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku concerts in the UK. A special performance will be taking place in Gateshead following on from the Anime Attacks event. J-Pop Go posed some questions … Read More

ANIME ATTACKS on the way

November is almost upon us and that means the annual ANIME ATTACKS event is nearly here. J-Pop Go will be coordinating the music events for the 2013 event, which takes place in Gateshead, featuring performances from BECKII CRUEL and NAOMI … Read More

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