LEVEL3_1PERFUME have released details on their forthcoming new studio album LEVEL3.

LEVEL3 follows on from Perfume’s 2011 release JPN and will be their 4th studio album. The release will be available in a Limited Edition (with DVD) and Regular Edition.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Enter the Sphere
02. Spring of Life (Album-mix)
03. Magic of Love (Album-mix)
04. Clockwork
05. 1mm
06. 未来のミュージアム (Mirai no Museum)
07. Party Maker
08. ふりかえるといるよ
09. ポイント
10. だいじょばない
11. Handy Man
12. Sleeping Beauty
13. Spending all my time (Album-mix)
14. Dream Land

The album collates all the post-JPN singles including ‘Spring Of Life’, ‘Magic Of Love’, ‘Mirai no Museum’ and ‘Spending All My Time‘. Among the new tracks included on the album is ‘Party Maker’ which was also used as part of a CM to promote Chocola BB Sparkling drink.
The Limited Edition release will also come in a variety of 3 different coloured sleeves (clear, fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow).

LEVEL3 is released on 2nd October.


Text by Paul Browne
26th August 2013