With the impending release of PERFUME’s single ‘Cling Cling’, the technopop trio have issued a teaser of both the new song and the video.

Previously, Perfume had issued a lyric video for ‘Hold Your Hand’ as well as for additional track ‘DISPLAY’ but had kept the title track of the single release under wraps. Although the brief teaser only offers up the instrumental version of ‘Cling Cling’, it suggests that writer/producer Yasutaka Nakata is keen to get back more of the classic Perfume sound.

Meanwhile, here’s the sleeve art and tracklisting for the single:
[CD] 1. Cling Cling
※ エーザイ「チョコラBBシリーズ」CMソング
2. Hold Your Hand
※ NHKドラマ10「サイレント・プア」主題歌
4. いじわるなハロー
5. Cling Cling – Original Instrumental –
6. Hold Your Hand – Original Instrumental –
7. DISPLAY – Original Instrumental –
8. いじわるなハロー – Original Instrumental –

[DVD] ・Cling Cling -Video Clip-
・Cling Cling -Teaser-
・DISPLAY (Short Ver.) -Video Clip-
・「Perfume FES!! 2014」3/15〜4/11ダイジェスト
※ 西脇家メモリアル「スパイス」「SHINING☆STAR」の映像は、完全生産限定盤のDVDのみの収録です(初回盤には含まれません)。
※ 西脇家メモリアル「スパイス」「SHINING☆STAR」の映像は、Perfume Versionとなります。

※ その他の詳細は、随時Perfume オフィシャルサイトでお知らせいたします。

‘Cling Cling’ is due for release on 16th July.

Text by Paul Browne
11th June 2014