BABYMETAL graphic novel due

Discover the myth of the metal trio October will see the publication of a new graphic novel titled APOCRYPHA: THE LEGEND OF BABYMETAL which is designed to explore the unknown mythology of the group. To coincide with Comic-Con International, the … Read More


Mark your calendars for some upcoming concerts and performances… With 2018 gearing up to be a busy year for Japanese music, here’s a select guide to some of the forthcoming performances from bands that J-Pop Go has championed, as well … Read More

BRATS – Doudatte yokatta

Heavy duty rock from BRATS With the release today of their first full-length album, rock outfit BRATS Have unveiled a new video for ‘Doudatte yokatta’. The album comes along at a point where the rock trio have been keeping a … Read More


Mary is better known in her guise as DJ Tasuki who contributes musical duties to the anime convention circuit including Minamicon, Ayacon and Amecon. She also hosts talks and panels on J-Pop. Mary’s first J-Pop CD was Distance by Hikaru … Read More

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