Mottainai2Scary-haired wary fairy and altogether lairy J-Pop princess KYARY PAMYU PAMYU has announced details of her 7th single release.

November will see Kyary issuing ‘Mottainaitorando’, currently in use as a CM for au. The Japanese term Mottainai roughly translated refers to a sense of regret over waste. It’s often used as an exclamation when, for instance, someone is throwing a cake in the bin and therefore wasting food (also wasting my time as I ferret through the rubbish looking for the cake…).
The single release comes in the usual two tasty flavours: Regular and Limited Edition and features new song ‘Sungoi Aura’ as well as a special extended mix of ‘Ninjari Ban Ban’. The limited edition also comes with a DVD featuring a dance video.

As previously reported, Kyary is also planning her next World Tour which includes dates in London, France, Korea, USA and Canada. Details on the London date have yet to be announced.

‘Mottainaitorando’ is due for release on 6th November.

Text by Paul Browne
3rd October 2013