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The release of Next Pursuit by FIFI RONG back in April provided us with a collection of smooth, soulful tunes. As we noted in our feature on Fifi last year, there’s a delicate dream-like vibe to her work, which also encompasses a broad range of genres including jazz, soul, dubstep and trip hop.

Now Fifi has completed a new video for the track ‘Breathless’, culled from the Next Pursuit EP. With a more restrained approach, ‘Breathless’ offers up a bass-driven slice of dark beauty with stark dub-inspired interludes… More Inside  »

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SIRO-A Live in London

SIRO-A-group-shot1-950x950Regular visitors to Hyper Japan and the Japan Matsuri will already be familiar with the performances by Japan’s SIRO-A. Formed in Sendai in 2002, SIRO-A have been exporting their particular brand of performance art outside of Japan ever since.

It’s difficult to categorise Siro-A, who combine a variety of elements in their performance from dance, to projection, to music – and also a good side order of humour. What’s clear from their shows however is the painstaking attention to choreography and rhythm. DJ Kentaro Homma provides the Technopop-fuelled beats while the visuals are handled by video artist Daichi Norikane. In combination, the pair provide a suitable background for the rest of the Siro-A team to perform against. More Inside  »

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hyper_mikuWith HYPER JAPAN looming on the horizon in November, some good news for HATSUNE MIKU fans as the Vocaloid star is scheduled to appear in performances across the weekend.

A screen is being set up to enable fans to watch Miku in action with the added bonus of green (of course) glowsticks to wave around during the performance. Each performance will run for around 30 minutes, with 100 people able to watch at a time.

There will also be other Vocaloid-themed talks, events and activities throughout Hyper Japan. More Inside  »

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J-Pop Go in Japan Update Weekly

IMG_5550Japan Update Weekly is a free newspaper distributed amongst Japanese-themed restaurants, shops and outlets in the UK. This week’s issue has its focus on J-Pop Go courtesy of an interview with Paul Browne.

The interview covers the initial inspirations behind J-Pop Go, the increasing popularity of J-Pop in the UK (particularly the continuing success of artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume) and also touches on J-Pop Go’s involvement with the rising stars of the UK performance scene, including Beckii Cruel, Kelsey Ellison and Himezawa (all of whom will be performing at the forthcoming Anime Attacks later this month).

The newspaper is still available from various outlets, including London’s Japan Centre. Alternatively, an online version is available on the Japan update Weekly website:

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news_xlarge_scandal_art201409Clear your calendars for next year as rock outfit SCANDAL will be making their UK debut in 2015…

The 4-piece band have chalked up an impressive resume since their formation back in 2006. With a new album titled HELLO WORLD scheduled for release in December (preceded by new single ‘Image’ in November), this lays the groundwork for their 2015 concerts titled ‘SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015『HELLO WORLD』which will see SCANDAL embark on a series of gigs in Japan from January through to April. Following the domestic tour, the band go overseas for concerts in the US, France, UK, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. More Inside  »

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J-Pop Go Merchandise


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