IMG_5262Among the new visitors to Hyper Japan in 2014 was ANNA YANO who began her career modelling and has since branched out into music, singing ‘Shape My Story’ – the opening theme to the anime Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3.

Anna also collaborated with Kz (livetune) for the opening theme to Magica Wars. We were fortunate to catch her backstage at Hyper Japan for a brief interview… More Inside  »

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mayuco_promoStudying fine arts at university, MAYUCO developed an interest in music in the paintings she produced. Her name means “a child in the cocoon” and her unique ethereal vocals have a warm appeal that reveal an abstract world.

An early adopter of digital distribution, her music has been used on Japanese television and she’s also worked with artists from all around the world. Her latest release is the album Vista Bouquet and she kindly took time out to chat to J-Pop Go at Hyper Japan… More Inside  »

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One of Hyper Japan’s guests in 2014 was NAGI YANAGI, the J-Pop singer who rose to fame via the doujin music scene in Japan, particularly for her work with the legendary supercell.

Nagi had originally began her career under various guises such as Gazelle and CorLeonis and also worked with Jun Maeda of Key. More recently, she’s clocked up a series of anime theme tune contributions, notably for Black Bullet and Jormungand, and released her first major album Euaru in 2013.

Nagi (who now styles herself as ‘yanaginagi’) was making her UK debut at Hyper Japan and kindly took time out to answer a few questions… More Inside  »

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hyper3It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that the summer HYPER JAPAN had an insanely packed schedule.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the presence of ASOBISYSTEM at Hyper Japan this year. Best known for developing KYARY PAMYU PAMYU, the Japanese outfit has also been expanding its musical heritage via the likes of UNA, TEMPURA KIDZ and YUN*CHI. For their UK debut, the Asobi team brought a team of models as well as YUN*CHI and ANNA YANO (making her UK debut). More Inside  »

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1555394_244625869047445_672058633_nSCARLETT YOUNG is best known for winning the UK Kawaii Star contest at Hyper Japan in 2011 and singing on Japanese TV show Nodojiman The World in 2013.

A member of UK outfit Oishii!Ichigo and MK Dance Group, Scarlett also performs solo at a broad range of UK events, including Japan Matsuri and LAC with her renditions of songs from popular anime such as Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and Macross Frontier. She took time out with J-Pop Go to chat about dance groups, anime and all points inbetween… More Inside  »

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