Sharing The World with HATSUNE MIKU

Hatsune-Miku-Expo-2014-Promo-1AOur favourite Vocaloid has been continuing her global expansion plans since the release of the English build of Hatsune Miku arrived in August 2013.

In October, America will be home to the Hatsune Miku Expo which sees a celebration of Miku taking place in Los Angeles and New York. Both events will feature activities, artwork displays and Miku-themed shops. Plus both cities will host two live Hatsune Miku concerts.

A new official theme song for the Hatsune Miku Expo has also been released today. ‘Sharing The World’ by BIGHEAD feat. Hatsune Miku utilises a new in-development English build of Miku to deliver an upbeat tune in which the green-haired Vocaloid star sings “I can see this future is right now”.
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aa-thumbnailWe’re pleased to announce that once again J-Pop Go will be involved in ANIME ATTACKS – An anime and cosplay event taking place in Gateshead on 25th October.

As with previous events we’ve arranged a special line-up of star performers, which this year consists of BECKII CRUEL, KELSEY ELLISON and HIMEZAWA.

Beckii needs little introduction having established herself via her dance videos from the age of 14 and achieving popularity both in the UK and Japan. Meanwhile, Kelsey is a rising star on the UK performer scene on the back of her song ‘Pom Pom’. Himezawa hails from Germany and has rapidly made an impression in the UK via performances at the MCM Expo, LAC and Hyper Japan. More Inside  »

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An interview with YUN*CHI

yun_promo_mainYUN*CHI has steadily carved her own niche in J-Pop through the release of several mini albums which has led to the release of her debut album Asterix*.

Since her UK debut at Hyper Japan last year (where J-Pop Go first interviewed her), the singer has kept busy contributing to the anime Log Horizon as well as releasing her new song ‘Starlight*’ – a song inspired by the theme of summer, particularly the idea of the stars in the sky on a summer evening. During the course of this interview Yun*chi battled rogue insects, confessed a liking for Western electropop combo Chvrches and declared her favourite drink as shochu… More Inside  »

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matsuri1Keep your diary free for September as the JAPAN MATSURI makes a return appearance to Trafalgar Square, London. The annual event features a variety of stage performances, singers, Japanese food, stalls and much more!

Part of the theme for this year’s Japan Matsuri is yuru-kyara or mascots – a popular method of Japanese towns and cities to promote themselves. The Japan Matsuri will be showcasing this very particular side of Japanese culture as Naomi Suzuki leads The Yurukyara Show ® – a special performance show encouraging attendees to sing and dance with the mascots. More Inside  »

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IMG_5262Among the new visitors to Hyper Japan in 2014 was ANNA YANO who began her career modelling and has since branched out into music, singing ‘Shape My Story’ – the opening theme to the anime Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3.

Anna also collaborated with Kz (livetune) for the opening theme to Magica Wars. We were fortunate to catch her backstage at Hyper Japan for a brief interview… More Inside  »

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