kelsey_promoWe’ve been keen to keep an eye open on the rising UK performers scene here at J-Pop Go over the years. A scene that’s brought us Beckii Cruel and Scarlett Young amongst others, emerging from the rapid sink or swim showcasing of YouTube.

Kelsey Ellison has grown up with a strong interest in Japanese pop culture, inspired by anime soundtracks and Japanese idol outfits. In 2012 she was part of Oishii!Ichigo, the performance outfit orchestrated by Beckii Cruel and whose finest moment was the pop sensibility of the single ‘Gametime’. Now Kelsey returns with her debut single ‘Pom Pom’… More inside>>

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manwithamissionAlternative rock outfit MAN WITH A MISSION have been stealthly building up a global presence over the past few years.

The outfit, formed in Shibuya in 2010, released their debut Welcome To the Newworld the same year. MAN WITH A MISSION are perhaps notable for their distinctive visual image of wolf heads. You can’t argue that it’s not an arresting promotional tool (although it has to be tough wearing them for the duration of live shows). As a band, they offer up their own blend of energetic rock via songs such as the boisterous ‘Emotions’ and the animated guitar-driven ‘FLY AGAIN’. More inside>>

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LAGC_LogoJ-POP GO will be making a return appearance at the next LAC scheduled for 5th-6th July. Please note that this is the new revised date due to refurbishment work at the venue (full story here).

Among the other musical guests for the event will be rock outfit Of Fire And Fate and vocalist Kerri Veck. Meanwhile, Baka Punk and GamerDisco will be on DJ duties for the evening parties. Other guests include voice actress Maggie O’Hara. The GAME Tournament Zone will return with a massive £1,000 worth of prize-support up for grabs. Cosplay will be catered for with the addition of European guests and Cosfest.

Also on the schedule is a special film night courtesy of Third window films, Maid Cafe’s performances and lots of Anime screenings and dealers with a wide variety of merchandise.

More details via our Events page as well as:

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doll_flaviyakeIt’s time to catch up on our favorite musical Moldovian as FLAVIYAKE unveils her latest video ‘Because I’m A Doll’, whose cartoon world explores the ideas of the perception of women and sexual politics.

As Flaviyake herself explains: “‘Because I’m a Doll’ is written about human dolls – the cultural world trend when girls turn themselves into living dolls with make-up and women undergo plastic surgery to achieve perfect shapes”. More inside>>

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electronic sound06The first 2014 issue of ELECTRONIC SOUND is now out.

Regular readers will recall that Electronic Sound occasionally covers the Japanese music scene (notably with last year’s PERFUME coverage). The new issue includes a brief feature on the 3-piece Japanese robot outfit Z MACHINES, currently working with Squarepusher for a new release (Music For Robots – out on Monday on Warp).

Issue 06 of the Voltage Controlled Magazine also features electro funksters CHROMEO on the cover while there is also an interview with WRANGLER… More inside>> [via The Electricity Club]

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