BABYMETAL – Babymetal

For Fox Sake… Although the outfit formed in 2010, it’s only now that the raucous trio known as BABYMETAL have released their debut album, the eponymously titled BABYMETAL. Originally formed as a sub-unit of idol outfit Sakura Gakuin under the … Read More


More details have emerged about former Brand-New Idol Society member YUFU TERASHIMA‘s forthcoming single release, which now has the title ‘Youflight’. ‘Youflight’ was penned by Yumemi Nemu (DEMPAGUMI INC) and composed by rionos (also working with former AKB48 star Erena … Read More

DIE MILCH – Metronom

Baroque pop goodness Die Milch’s debut album Metronom boasts a superb collection of baroque pop tunes with a strong sense of classical influences and contemporary musical touches. Instrumental opening track ‘Dynamite’ acts in many ways as an overture to the … Read More

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