Interview: Miku UK Project Interview

The Miku UK project is a fan-based initiative to stage live Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku concerts in the UK. A special performance will be taking place in Gateshead following on from the Anime Attacks event. J-Pop Go posed some questions … Read More

An Interview With YANAKIKU

J-Pop duo hit Hyper Japan… One of the musical treats at Hyper Japan was J-Pop duo Yanakiku, making their UK debut. The roots of Yanakiku lie with 4-piece J-Pop outfit Missing Link, of which Yana and Kiku were a part. … Read More

An Interview With Yun*chi

The highlight of Hyper Japan 2013 was the UK debut of Yun*chi. Having strong musical roots (her mother is also a singer) was a clear indicator of where Yun*chi wanted her career to head. Originally part of the Harajuku modelling … Read More

IroKokoro Project Interview

Collaborative effort yields impressive results Hyper Japan 2013 featured a variety of musical treats, including a surprising collaboration between Yun*chi and IroKokoro Project. Originally formed back in 2009, IroKokoro Project is an online community of girls who do a variety … Read More

Catching up with NAOMI SUZUKI

“Music is great weapon to make people happy!” It’s June in London, although you wouldn’t have guessed it by the threat of rain in the capital city. With Japan’s rainy season also underway, it’s perhaps fitting that today I’m catching … Read More

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