Interview PINE*am

PINE*am comprises Tsugumi Takashi and Chizuko Matsubayashi engaged in a particular flavour of electronica that delights in low-fi quirky goodness. From the electronic funk of Do I Know You through the crunchy electro goodness that forms Get A Choco, PINE*am … Read More

Interview DMBQ

DMBQ’s frenetic sound pulls in a diverse range of sounds and influences and which they themselves describe as “Hard Rock/Psychedelic-based music, infused with elements of Noise and Free Improvisation”. J-Pop Go caught up with frontman Shinji Masuko to chat about … Read More


Much of the whimsical designs that featured on early PUFFY record releases were down to the talents of illustrator RODNEY ALAN GREENBLAT. The US-based artist is probably best known for his work on the classic game Parappa The Rapper as … Read More

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