TOMITA Interview

Legendary electronic music pioneer speaks If there’s a name that’s synonymous with Japanese electronic music it’s Isao Tomita, whose 1974 album Snowflakes Are Dancing was an early experimental work that, alongside Western works such as Walter Carlos’ Switched-On Bach, provided … Read More


With the release of their latest album Pop Tune, Shonen Knife celebrate 30 years of their own particular brand of rock tunes. Founder-member Naoko Yamano kindly took time out from the rigorous promotional work to chat to J-Pop Go briefly … Read More

K-ON! Fans United

What is it about K-On! that appeals to its many fans? Lizzie Ooi went to this year’s Kitacon event to chat to the attendees about the Ho-kago girls to get their views on the characters and the music. But what … Read More


Catching up with one the UK’s most talented performers… As a rising star on the UK’s Japanese culture scene, Finny Attridge has already been a contestant for the Hyper Japan UK Kawaii Star Of The Year contest, Miss Teen Queen … Read More

An Interview with NATSUKO ASO

Natsuko Aso certainly likes to keep her J-Pop energetic. Songs such as ‘More More Lovers’ and ‘Perfect Area Complete’ (which also is the theme to the series Baka to Test to Shokanju) are frenetic slices of infectious pop. Natsuko’s early … Read More

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