slowdiveA special HATSUNE MIKU collaborative release has been scheduled for later this year as our favourite VOCALOID has been recruited to front recently reformed shoegaze band SLOWDIVE.

The popular dream pop outfit, who built their career throughout the 1990s in the UK via the Creation label, have already been confirmed as taking part in the prestigious Fuji Rocks Festival this summer. The decision to play in Japan had been sparked by Slowdive member Rachel Goswell’s interest in Japanese pop culture, particularly the rise of J-Pop. The collaboration appears to have come about after a suggestion from Crypton Media CEO Hiroyuki Itoh, who coincidentaly is also a Slowdive fan himself.

The result is an EP titled Miku Yellow which will feature 4 classic Slowdive songs culled from their 1993 Souvlaki album, including ‘Dagger’ and ‘Alison’, but with Miku providing the vocals. The EP will also feature Slowdive’s cover of the classic ‘Ievan Polkka’.

The complete track listing is as follows:

1. Alison
2. Machine Gun
3. Ievan Polkka
4. Dagger

Miku Yellow is scheduled for release this autumn.

Slowdive will be at Fuji Rocks Festival on 25th-27th July 2014

Source: Natalie

Text by Paul Browne
1st April 2014